Purchase Price: $2,300 Cost: Rock Bottom Reward: Freedom

We bought this house last april, we have slowly and steady gutted layers and layers on every surface until we were to the original home, built 1867. Then came the tedious task of re-wiring every piece of wire, running all new pipes for everything, remodeling every room all at the same time on pennies, by ourselves and praying for a miracle.

Sometimes when life goes dark, and you lose sight of where you are, you are falling, breaking, tripping, stumbling and hoping for light but never finding it, we can decide to keep going that way until we hit bottom, can’t fall any farther, or we can decide today is the day my life changes. It starts with a simple statement, “Today is the day my life changes, I stop doing this, that I am going to_______”, now stop doubting yourself and start being the one in charge of your own life. Now maybe it is time to tear down a wall or two, and let some light in, allow yourself to reveal in the small things, connect to life again, and then make your life what you want it.

When we bought this house we already had the weight of the world on our shoulders, family illnesses, financial trouble, there was not an angle we weren’t being hit from. Our love for each other and our children all that kept us moving forward. Join me on this journey from a broken, lost and nearly dead mom, caregiver,wife, punching bag, and daughter in to the strong, driven, sober, and finally wise to the gift to see things from all angles and yet to also step back and see the bigger picture. I hope it inspires anyone struggling with anything, not to give up, keep breathing, keep fighting, we can

fix it together!

Who would have known when we took the chance on this house, that it would save us, break us, and be the easiest thing we would do during our worst year of life.

I hope if you find this that it gives you hope, because for many, that’s all they have. If no one besides my family and myself read this, I hope they use it as a story for future generations about how no matter how hard life tries to break you, as long as you keep hope there isn’t anything you can’t do. We met and survived our climb to the top of Mount Everest and K2 both when it comes to our tests in this life of our strength,perseverance, courage, love and pure will power.

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