Demolition day

When we bought the house, we couldn’t wait to get started. We only had a month to get as much remodel done as possible, pack our old house, find space in new house to actually live in, and to not break down.

The stress we lived under prior to buying this house was insane, we worried all the time about rent, money, bills, you name it. When we found this house we both knew it was a crazy jump, but one that if it worked would wipe the financial burden from our shoulders. However, we knew from the get go that it would test everything we had, and just prayed that it wouldn’t end up like the Money Pit.

Hits one and Two. they were the most nervous of the hits this house took, were we actually going to do this? Take on a house, on our budget, really???   WHACK….WHACK….well its too late to turn back now, lets do this.  We literally had to peel back layers on every surface, we had to stop, clean up, burn the wood, pile the plaster up, Go again, Stop let dust settle. Breath through the pain in your lungs, keep going. We gutted our entire first floor down to the original 1″ boards on the wall, the floor got cut up pulled up. We had to tear down the inside of this house, in order to rebuild our dream home. We knew it would break the bank, we knew it would break our bodies, we knew it would test our endurance. We lived the first 2 months without running water, showered and did laundry at family and friends houses. Cooked on an electric burner, and had to wear shoes to go to the bathroom, don’t forget to fill the five gallon bucket of water to flush the toilet. We literally lived in the old frontier days for so long that when we did get running water it brought tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts.

Some times it takes making a hard decision, being willing to demo everything that isn’t worth trying to save, being willing to give everything you have to reach a goal, now don’t waver from your goal. You have to be willing to go through hell to reach a inner bliss beyond measure! I would never have guessed that I would find the bliss I carry with me now, when we started I couldn’t see just how far in trouble I was, but this house, it would in the end give me the tools and strength to fight the battles that laid ahead. Our home, saved me, as I worked to save it.

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