Chasing Beautiful Skies


Every single day, from the comfort of my home, I am given an incredible gift.  It is never the same, but each is a breathtaking one of a kind masterpiece painted just for me. No matter what season it is, or what the weather is, each have the ability to remind me to slow down, relax, and end my day on a beautiful note.

Every photograph you see, is my own original photo, they are taken on a regular cheap LG phone, or with my Canon DSLR. I am by no means a professional photographer, just a simple woman who has a obsession with beautiful skies. Savannah, my 7 year old, tells me all the time that I take way to many pictures, I just laugh and tell her that if I don’t who will? She just rolls her eyes and continues what she is doing.  Her and I share our favorite summer night ritual, laying in the light of the moon, listening to music and dancing under the starry sky.  I hope that one day I have a lense that will allow me to capture the millions of twinkling stars spread across a velvet sky. Lucky for us, the street light in front of our house is always out which allows the sky to shine bright, with no artificial light to interrupt it.

The View as I write this tonight. The night sky is the brightest thing around.

In all reality, it doesn’t matter to me what time of day it is, I love the view from our home. When we first moved into this house, the only place we could find that brought on peace and relaxation, was our front yard as the sun set and darkness crept in. There is an incredible breeze that comes from the field across the street in front of our house, ranging from strong gusts to soft, sweet summer breezes. While everything else was consumed in chaos with the remodel, we found our sanctuary that allowed us to escape it all, and taught us to appreciate the small things in life. Which led us to cutting a massive hole in our bedroom wall, in the front of our house. We had found a set of french doors for $50, and without a word spoken between us, we knew the perfect place for them.  At the time, we didn’t know if cutting the hole for them would cause the entire house to fall in, but we were both willing to risk it all. Our reward was better than either of us dreamed, with the turn of a handle, the doors open and we are able to lay in bed and enjoy our sanctuary at the same time.

As far back in my life as I can remember, sitting in nature under a beautiful sky, could always bring a sense of peace to my soul. I can’t count the number deep soulful conversations the moon and stars have heard, or afternoons full of memories and sunburns under beautiful blue skies. But I could never grow tired of watching a sunset, or staring into outer space and pondering life, and until my final day on this earth I will chase the beautiful skies, for no matter what that day may have held, the pictures will always bring me back to it, and always with a smile on my face. For if we only take the time to slow down and see, the Gods fill our lives with all the beauty than can, we just have to be willing to stop and appreciate it.

Chase the sun, appreciate the beauty in the small things in this life, soak in the memories and collect the masterpieces painted just for you. You would be surprised at the peace you can find when you allow yourself to just disconnect, and appreciate the simple beauty around you. Every sunset means another day we were given the gift of life, every night sky full of millions of sparkling stars and bright moon brings a better perspective, and every sunrise welcomes a new day full of new adventures, memories and opportunities.

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