Meet Our Authors!!

Unconvincing Author

Fistful of Shenanigans

My name is Nicole and I am twenty-four. I have been writing creatively since the first grade. I love cooking, crafting (sewing and crocheting), cuddling my cats and boyfriend, and hosting events. My sisters and I make up Unapologetically Us.

UnTamed Warrior

UnApologetically Me

Love Child of Martha Stewart & Snoop Dog
DIY is not a trend its my life
Swears Pinterest will be my Demise
Proud Momma of a Fearless Little Valkeryie
I stay focused on living my life, you stay focused on yours.

Unfiltered Spark

Hello! My name is Jasmine and I’m nineteen. I’m still relatively new to the practice but I’m always looking for ways to strengthen my power and gain new knowledge. I love to sing, work with candle magic, do any art I can get my hands on and spend time with my friends, boyfriend and kitties. I love to work with the elements and I am here to share the unfiltered part of myself.

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