Unconvincing Author

Find someone you can go to the Faire with…and then go every year!

That’s a lot of pressure to put on an opening, I think. I mean, sure, I could dump all my information right away and hope that it is enough to keep your interest. But let’s be real honest here, I don’t think it is enough.  And I am not trying to be humble. But I digress.

My name is Nicole and I am in my mid 20s.  I have been a poorly practicing witch since I was eleven. I have lived on my own for a little over three years. Since I was a kid, I have loved storytelling; writing the stories, reading or listening to them, and acting them out. Some would say I have a flair for dramatics (they aren’t wrong, but neither am I). I read Tarot cards and live with my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend, two cats, three birds, a snake, and potentially a ghost. I sell crochet afghans, host Pathfinder every other Sunday, love Harry Potter, play Magic the Gathering, and probably overcompensate my depression by drinking a littleā€¦ a lot. But hey, who doesn’t these days?

So, this blog series is about being UnApologetically Us and connecting with other people going through similar situations.  That being said, I want to at least give you some idea of what my posts are going to entail.

My friends are like my family. And I don’t say this casually. But more on that later, I promise. Because these assholes play a huge roll in my life and in shaping who I am, they are going to feature heavily in my writing. Don’t worry, I will make a chart for you.

I’m into some pretty nerdy things that will also feature somewhere in my posts. Think things like the Renaissance Faire, Harry Potter headcanons, Magic the Gathering, and definitely Pathfinder.  My creative pursuits will also crop up: crocheting, sewing, cooking, creative writing, and event planning. Be on the lookout for those.

Despite how bad I am at being a practicing witch, I do want to include this topic because it is a part of me. In the same vein, I am going to discuss heavier subjects that are important to me such as being a stigmatized millennial, battling depression and self-abuse, relationships, and discovering the absolute necessity of self-love and self-preservation.

I have changed all the names of friends and acquaintances that are mentioned in this blog. This is strictly to protect them and those that may know them. I’m called A Fistful of Shenanigans for a good reason and I solemnly swear that I am up to no good – because of or with those I am trying to protect.

Another word to the wise, I am not out here trying to offend anyone. If you find yourself being offended by something I have said, remind yourself that is was not personal. If that doesn’t do the trick, please reach out to me for further confirmation that it was not personal. And failing that, if you find yourself composing a gnarly message intending to give me what-for, don’t.  For a couple of reasons:
1) There will be no response.
2) If someone else happens to respond before I see the post, the response and the original post will be deleted. I’m much better at being mean to myself than you are. Leave the nasty comments to the professionals.

With all that behind us, I want to at the very least thank you for making it through this first rambling post. I want to leave this post with some uplifting thoughts and maybe a hopeful plea for this blog.

May the Muses smile on not only me as I embark on this journey but on you as you follow along and as you live your own journey. May the food and drink on our table be enough to share when the All-Father comes to call and may our hearts be full enough to share without hesitancy. May we draw inspiration, love, and wisdom from the Goddess in all her guises. May the Nine Maidens and Cerridwen find us worthy to peer into the Cauldron and thereby imbue us forever with the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

May we find the right words to convey our love for each other and ourselves and may our actions back up those words.

May you find the strength to be content to move on away from toxic people, situations, or places. May you find someone who shines like a light in the darkness. May you be that person for someone else.

Until next time.

With love,


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