Untamed Warrior

Hello readers!!! So I wanted to post a small introduction to myself! I am Amber, momma to a beautiful little girl who is the light of my life, the sun in my universe.

I am the stay at home mom that loves my simple life. I love to DIY everything from home remodel to cooking, sewing to working from home and everything in between.

My family means everything to me! I hope to bring each one of them into this crazy fold, they are the foundation on which this entire page formed. The Family that we have constructed not only is the family we had always hoped we could be, but they each offer so much support and empowerment to keep living an UnApologetic Life. They can always be counted on for a great meal, phenomenal company, inspiration, and laughter that will leave your cheeks and sides sore from laughter! I love each of you so much and am so grateful to get to enjoy this insane life of ours together!

I am happily married to the greatest husband I could ever have asked for, the one I can always be 100% UnApologetically myself with and never have to worry whether he is still in love with me. I don’t have to change who I am or how crazy I can be to keep him, we stand side by side through all the challenges and obstacles life throws our way, together side by side and hand in hand.  We work on all our projects together and can still kiss each other goodnight after spending all day together.  We aren’t rich in money, but we have found our perfectly imperfect way of life and have found a love that most only dream of.

And together we are building our dream home,  in our own little corner of the world. From the ground up we are creating our perfect life!


Overcoming Obstacles

How many times do we let fear or anxiety stop us from doing something? I know I struggle with it all the time. Just this past spring however I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did something I would never have thought possible. I took my daughter on a vacation just her and … Continue reading Overcoming Obstacles

Live in the moment

Changing Our Family Legacy

If you feel you grew up in a family with toxicity, make it your legacy to break the family legacy. Karen Salmansohn @ notsalmon.com Our Family, featured in several posts, was a catastrophe. Our last name didn’t bring respect, or honor when mentioned, it brought violence, chaos and generally ended with handcuffs. Growing up in … Continue reading Changing Our Family Legacy

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